Students Show Off Creations at Internet of Things Showcase

During 2017-2018 academic year, the Duke Digital Initiative, a collaboration between Duke Learning Innovation and Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), has given away more than 500 SparkFun Inventor’s Kits for Photon Internet of Things (IoT) kits to students on campus.  The giveaway was conceived in order to encourage open exploration of IoT technologies and maker approaches to problem solving.

On April 3, DDI hosted an event at the Technology Engagement Center to showcase projects by students who have created something related to IoT with their Photon kits, or with other related IoT materials.

vending machine
Vending Machine

“The DDI collaborators were very pleased at the range of projects students submitted for the IoT showcase,” said Elizabeth Evans, Coordinator of the Duke Digital Initiative. “It was a great venue for Duke students to demonstrate their creativity to this point, and we hope students who received a kit will continue to build whatever they can imagine.”

“We believe that the Duke community has benefited from having opportunities to explore the Internet of Things,” Evans continued, “…and don’t forget, if you’re exploring with consumer-level IoT devices, change your default passwords!”

A panel of judges reviewed the projects and prizes were awarded to the top concept in a number of categories:

Most Useful and GRAND PRIZE Winner
Smart Thermostat by Brian A. Nieves

LED Jellyfish/SquidBot
LED Jellyfish/SquidBot

Most Creative
Vending Machine by Jack Simmons and Jake Mullett

Best Idea for Continued Development
Beacon by Jihane Battahi and Naa Adorkor Allotey

Best Team Project
LED Jellyfish/Squid Bot by Matthew S. Harris, Cindy Li, Matthew Wu, Kelly McLaughlin, Stephanie Musinsky, Anngelyque Stevenson, Charlie Niebanck, and Parker Pearson

Most Artistic
The Cost of Knowing & RGB Game by Sarah Riazati

Best Fabrication
Smart Dorm Room Sign by Philjae Chang and Oliver Rodas

smart dorm room sign
Smart Dorm Room Sign

The judges were:

  • Tyler Bletsch, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Terrence G. Oas, Department of Biochemistry, DUSM
  • Sarah Park, Librarian for Engineering and Computer Science
  • Sophia Santillan, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science