New campus resource for faculty

CIT has recently purchased a campus subscription to the “The Teaching Professor Newsletter,” a monthly electronic publication for faculty and other instructors. The newsletter is long-running and well-received, and includes concise articles written by faculty with practical advice and ideas about teaching topics such as: student-centered learning, grading strategies, new pedagogical research, engaging students in class, effective teaching strategies, and more.

Articles in the most recent edition (Aug/Sept 2017) include:


The newsletter is accessible in the library catalog, where you can search within the holdings through back-issues dating back to 2005, or from this page with links to each issue in the last 12 years of newsletter archives.


Amy Kenyon

Author: Amy Kenyon

Amy plans, implements and assesses faculty development programs for the improvement of teaching and learning, provides programs and resources designed to increase understanding of the teaching-learning process and manages personnel and other resources for the Center for Instructional Technology. Her interests are in course and program design, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their impact on campus teaching, curriculum mapping, assessment, and engaging teaching strategies for student learning.