Duke NextEd Festival Celebrates Learning with 30+ Events This Fall

What is the future of higher education? How can we make the Duke educational experience more engaging and transformative for students? Will MOOCs be around in 5 years? How can technology better serve teachers, students, and alumni?

These questions and more will be the focus of Duke NextEd Festival, a series of events celebrating learning at Duke University. NextEd aims to bring the Duke community together for conversation and collaboration around innovative ways to make the Duke educational experience more engaging, transformative, and equitable.

NextEd Festival features over 30 events, including talks by leading thinkers in the field of higher education innovation, hands-on workshops, engaging learning experiences, technology demos, networking, and more. The festival is sponsored by the Duke Center for Instructional Technology. Twenty other Duke departments and groups are hosting or co-sponsoring events as part of the Festival.

The events are designed to engage anyone committed to advancing learning at Duke: students and faculty, advisors and mentors, inventors and researchers, developers and designers.

The festival starts on October 2 with a presentation by James DeVaney, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan. In his talk, “Academic Innovation and the Compassionate Public Square,” Devaney will discuss his experience with academic R&D at U-M and what this experience suggests about opportunities across higher education and at Duke.

For a full list of events and to register, visit bit.ly/DukeNextEd