Wait, Before You Go…

Before you leave for summer vacation, take a moment to explore these five tips for your teaching in the fall and your international travel this summer.

  1. On August 16, Duke will upgrade to Sakai 11. Many of the changes are aesthetic, for example the new design is mobile friendly and streamlines many menu items. Test and Quizzes, Gradebook, and Lessons have more significant changes to the interface. Don’t worry, you can start building your Fall courses before the upgrade and content will still be there. Sign up for one (or more) Sakai workshops now.
  2. Would you like to reinvigorate your teaching? Or are you designing a brand new course? Take a look at CIT resources about teaching strategies to get ideas for assessment, group work, online activities, and other topics. For one-on-one help, contact a CIT consultant. We can help with all kinds of teaching topics, including rethinking course design, improving assessments, and identifying the best technologies for your teaching.
  3. There have been a number of new educational technology tools that have been made available to the Duke community in the last few years. These tools allow you to automatically enroll your students for course use. Take a moment to evaluate Box (cloud file storage that facilitates collaboration) and Warpwire for streaming media (instructions) if you aren’t not familiar with them.
  4. It isn’t too early to start thinking about applying for teaching and technology grants and programs. Check out this list of opportunities that CIT offers.
  5. Finally, before you board the airplane for an international trip, look over these travel tips from OIT to make sure you stay connected to Duke and overcome any technology barriers you are likely to encounter.