MOOC Data Available to Duke Faculty

Are you a Duke faculty member who wants to do research using data from millions of people around the world?

We have survey data available from over 50,000 people worldwide who took a free online Duke class last year, and we’re ready to help you use it!

Examples of research questions currently being analyzed using these data:

  • How and why do high school students take free, online college classes?
  • Does employer or family support affect people’s ability to complete online courses?
  • Can online computer science classes increase confidence in computer science among women?

Contact us today to learn more about the data and get started thinking about how our data could inform your work.

Researchers receive:

  • $1,000 research stipend
  • Funding for a student research assistant
  • Consultation with a data manager
  • Assistance with IRB approvals
  • Access to a custom dataset for your project
  • Help publicizing research results