CIT Showcase Highlights

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2015 CIT Showcase on October 13th. There were over 200 attendees, 16 sessions, and an energizing keynote speaker. If you were an attendee, please do remember to take a few minutes to provide feedback so that we can improve the event next year.

2015 CIT Showcase KeynotePeter Felten’s keynote address was a reminder that a truly engaged student is one who participates in meaningful, challenging experiences that push their personal and academic boundaries (such as study abroad or engaging with research). It is of course the responsibility of educators and institutions to incorporate those opportunities into the college experience. But even more critical, argued Felten, is the need to provide students the tools to reflect on and grow from them. His full speech can be viewed on the CIT Showcase website.

fortune cookie A number of our workshops provided attendees with concrete teaching takeaways to use immediately (such as techniques for managing a large classroom or incorporating video into teaching). We were inspired to see how dedicated Duke faculty are to expanding their teaching strategies and we plan to continue to offer these types of sessions in future Showcases.

Other sessions were dedicated to the teaching and research initiatives that Duke faculty have tackled in the recent past, including sending service learning students to interview immigrant groups in Durham or designing a course about the use of social media by medical professionals. The Showcase is a great way to find out about the teaching trends of colleagues across campus.

We, of course, want to offer a huge thank you to our fabulous presenters.  We wouldn’t have a Showcase without you!

…and, last but not least, thanks also to the Duke University Libraries for letting us host the Showcase on our home turf this year.

Active Learning Session