“That’s Awesome!” — Expert Interviews Enhance Learning

What It’s About

ProfessorIHRL icon Laurence Helfer, the Harry R. Chadwick Sr. Professor of Law at Duke University’s School of Law, shared his expertise in international human rights law in his online course International Human Rights Law: Prospects and Challenges. This course introduces the international and domestic laws, institutions, and legal and political theories that protect basic liberties of all human beings. Helfer’s course provides an excellent example of an expert interview.

Why It’s Awesome

One of the most enriching learning experiences for students is when guest speakers with content expertise and unique insights address their class. Unfortunately, time or geographical constraints often don’t allow professors to give potential guest lecturers the opportunity to share their knowledge with students. There is now a simple and effective solution: you can record an interview with the expert and make it available for students to view online on demand.

Professor Helfer produced an expert interview video where he engaged his colleague, Professor Jayne Huckerby, in an in-depth discussion on selected aspects of international human rights law. Professor Huckerby, the director of the Duke International Human Rights Clinic, has expertise in working with international organizations such as the UN, arguing human rights cases in court and working in the field as an investigator and advocate.

Jayne and Larry SmileCreating a dynamic and visually engaging interview in a digital format is surprisingly easy. There is no need for an elaborate set; the interview was shot in Professor Helfer’s office. This setting was both appropriate for a professional discussion and allowed for a controlled environment to simplify technical elements such as lighting and sound. Additionally, you don’t need elaborate equipment. The interview was shot with a single camera and sound was captured using clip-on lapel microphones.

The relaxed atmosphere and smooth flow of the discussion during the interview was the result of careful preparation. Before the interview, Professor Helfer and Professor Huckerby discussed which topics would maximize Professor Huckerby’s opportunity to share her expertize and to deliver the content that Professor Helfer thought would be most useful for his students.

If you are interested in exploring recording an interview for your students, please contact us here at CIT. We’ll help you find the right solution for your need!