CIT Fellows explore active learning

The Center for Instructional Technology congratulates our new Summer-Fall 2015 Active Learning Faculty Fellows.  We are offering this Fellowship to help faculty apply active learning and flipped classroom concepts in a 2015-2016 course.  Faculty will meet for a week in May to begin designing their classes, followed by summer roundtable meetings to help each other design course activities..  This Fall, the Fellows will visit two classes taught by other participants in the program to reflect on their own teaching and share ideas.  Updates about their work in rethinking their courses and designing active learning activities will be published on the CIT blog.

CIT consultants Andrea Novicki, Randy A. Riddle and Seth Anderson are supporting the Fellowship.  Fellows participating in the program are:

Faculty Fellows Group
The CIT Summer-Fall 2015 Active Learning Faculty Fellows

The CIT’s Fellows program supports groups of faculty to implement curricular change, integrating instructional technologies and new teaching techniques into the curriculum to improve student learning.  If you would like to find out more or have an idea for a Fellows program that might benefit your department or program, see the CIT’s Fellowships page at our website.