9 Haiku About Ed Tech by CIT Staff

Notebook, pen and laptop

It’s no secret that CIT staff members are experts in pedagogy and technology, but you probably didn’t know that we also have a penchant for poetry – especially the profound simplicity of the haiku. At CIT’s recent annual staff retreat, we took a break from a day of brainstorming to pen haiku about education and technology. Here is a sampling of the results:

Emerging Ed Tech

New spaces to teach and learn



Online Ed is fun

Embrace the technology

Build more MOOCs for all


Meta moment missed

Never know nuanced notation

All about higher ed


CIT.  Mind blown.

At the forefront of EdTech.

I need a long nap.


Education, man!

What is the next big idea?

You will find it here!


Promoting Ed Tech

Not as easy as it looks

Takes time and effort


Take a course online

Learn a subject new and fine

Certified knowledge


Four years was too short,

So we crave more ideas

For lifelong learning.


Happiness, dinos,


Things you learn from MOOCs.


Courtney Lockemer

Author: Courtney Lockemer

Courtney was formerly the Communications and Outreach Manager at Columbia University’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL). She previously held a communications job in Duke’s Office of Information Technology, in which she helped promote innovative projects such as Duke’s iPod First Year Experience. Courtney holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Princeton University as well as an M.F.A. in Studio for Interrelated Media from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.