“That’s Awesome!” — Child Nutrition and Cooking

Great Examples from Online Courses 

What It’s About

Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford University has some awesome video content. The lessons are presented from a cozy kitchen setting by instructor Maya Adam, MD. Each video is a pleasingly short and well-produced video, ranging in topic from dietary considerations to cooking demonstrations to social interactions around food.


Why It’s Awesome

The videos themselves are beautiful to watch and Maya is well-rehearsed and natural in front of the camera. Interactions with her child are included that support part of her goal to address the social nature of our relationship with food.


Interleaved with the live recordings are artistic renditions of the topics being discussed in glowing writing on a solid black background. The writing and artwork is rendered as the video runs, drawing the viewer’s eye through the discussion. The choices for artwork are well aligned with the content, and do not feel like a distraction from the points being made in the narration.


The editing involved during the videos is also excellent, incorporating the artwork and external video shots without every feeling choppy, incomplete, or rushed. External video feels customized to the topic. Each video has a clear focus and leaves the viewer feeling that they could act on the information provided. The entire course is a tidy 5 hours and looks great!

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  1. gml8@duke.edu

    Dr. Adam is incredible in how she inspires without being judgmental. I loved the moment when she cracks an egg with one hand, with her child in the other arm, illustrating her point that healthy meals can be simple and fit into an otherwise busy life!

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