Streaming Media with Warpwire

Warpwire is a streaming media solution that is now available to the Duke community. The service allows users to upload videos and images to folders that can be accessed anywhere on the web without needing to open the files in a program like iTunes or Windows MediaPlayer.

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The media items are behind the security of Duke’s NetID login so that only the users to whom you give access can view them. It is possible to share with either official courses, ad hoc groups you create (for a Sakai project site for example), and individuals on campus. You may send a link directly to the users, add Warpwire as a tool in Sakai, or embed the videos into a WordPress site.

The service will be updated throughout the Spring semester. Upcoming features include the ability to upload audio files, the option to share with wider Duke groups (like anyone with a NetID or all Law students), and webcam recording to create on-the-spot videos.

Please note that Warpwire will replace the Kaltura Media Gallery tool at the end of Spring 2015. We will be reaching out to all current Kaltura Media Gallery users in the coming weeks to discuss how to download content and transition materials into Warpwire easily. Individual instructors should download any content they wish to keep (or don’t already have saved on their computers) before Summer I session. If you would like assistance with that process, feel free to contact us at

Further documentation for using Warpwire


Elise Mueller, Ph.D.

Author: Elise Mueller, Ph.D.

Elise Mueller is the consultant for the language departments at Duke. Her goal is to support their teaching through sound pedagogy and educational technologies. She leads fellowships and workshops on blended teaching, student reflection, portfolios and course design. She is currently grappling with the meaning of a liberal arts education in the 21st century.