VoiceThread: Sakai’s Newest Addition

vtexample2Duke would like to welcome VoiceThread to its list of tools available in Sakai. The application is designed to be a multimedia discussion board. Instructors and students can post a presentation made up of images, audio files, video clips, or webcam recordings to share with a class. Then classmates leave written, oral, or video comments (plus doodle while they talk!)

Instructors commonly use the application to narrate presentations, set up discussions of video clips or images, and develop multimedia content to supplement or replace in-class lectures. Since students can create their own threads, instructors are free to design projects that move beyond the written word. They may, for example, ask students to narrate a story through pictures, create audio or video self-reflections, or keep a journal of an experience like an internship or a summer abroad. You can browse VoiceThread’s library of examples here.

To get started, read this FAQ from our support site to learn how to add the tool to your Sakai site and review the basics of the tool.