A new tool in Sakai: Lessons

Lessons_iconHave you noticed that a new menu item called Lessons in your Fall Sakai course sites?

What is Lessons?

Lessons allows you to present your course content in a structured way and guide your students through their learning tasks. Using the Lessons tool, you can organize resources, quizzes, assignments, forums, and media (e.g. videos, audios and images) in a central location so that students don’t need to navigate to different tools to get things done.

Examples of using Lessons

You can structure lessons to match the organization of your individual class by week.

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You can arrange all materials for a course by topic too, with each topic providing links to documents in the resources, embedded videos, text instructions, quizzes, assignments and forums.

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Lessons can be served as a dynamic syllabus to layout your entire semester’s plan providing course information, grading policy, textbooks, readings, teaching materials, and assessments.

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You can set up prerequisites so that students must complete required items in order to move ahead. You also can define sequences of material, and require students to meet certain prerequisites before moving to new tasks or weeks.

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How to get started: