Videos in Teaching and Learning (ViTaL) Interest Group

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to announce a new interest group for members of the Duke community who are interested in creating videos for educational purposes.

During the fall semester, the ViTaL group will meet on the third Thursday of each month for brown bag lunches in LSRC A156. Registration is not required, and meetings are open to faculty, staff, and students, although topics will focus on faculty interests.

In addition to attending the meetings, you can join the ViTaL mailing list,, by going to

Fall 2013 ViTaL Meetings (all meetings are in LSRC A156)

September 19: Do You Own your Videos?
Presenter: Kevin Smith, M.L.S., J.D. Director, Copyright and Scholarly Communication, Duke University Libraries
This will be an interactive discussion about copyright and the ownership of videos created for teaching. It will cover the situations where a work is “made for hire” or is the product of joint authorship, as well as Duke University policies that impact the basic questions of what do you own and what can you use.

October 17: Where Can I Go for Video?
There are a number of places on the Duke campus that support video needs. Members of this panel will give a brief description of the services that are available to you (free or fee) through their organizations so you can identify the ones that might be able to help you get a project started or finished.

November 21: Creating Videos Using a Laptop Kit
It is possible to create good quality lecture videos at your desk using some basic components. This session will describe the video kit Duke faculty have used to create videos for Coursera MOOCs and how it can be used to capture audio, video, and presentation slides. A new video service will be announced during this meeting, so be sure to come hear about a new option you will have for creating video!

December 19: Book Chapter Discussion
At this meeting, between fall and spring semesters, we’ll have a journal club-style discussion about this book chapter: “Applying the Science of Learning to Multimedia Instruction” by Richard E. Mayer in Psychology of Learning and Motivation (Chapter 3): (direct access from Duke network). Attendees should read (or at least scan) the chapter before the meeting and bring questions and comments to the discussion.

Questions about ViTaL can be sent to Elizabeth A. Evans,, Duke Digital Initiative, OIT.

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  1. Michael Palko

    This is great! Looking forward to the discussions. Will the sessions be recorded and available after the meetings? There may be times I won’t be able to attend in person.

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