Duke University Libraries Data and GIS Services Fall Workshops

The Duke University Libraries Data and GIS Services unit provides data and statistical support for Duke researchers.  Librarians offer consulting on identifying data and digital map resources, data management planing, archiving strategies, and support on software such as ArcGIS and Google Earth and techniques like data visualization and geotagging.

Data & GIS Services illustration

Faculty and students can also take advantage of the Data and GIS Services computing cluster, open during the same hours as Perkins Library and staffed on a walk-in schedule or by appointment.  The cluster includes twelve 64-bit computers running Windows 7 with Matlab, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro and Nvivo.  The cluster also includes three Bloomberg Financial workstations.

Data and GIS Services is offering a schedule of Fall workshops on a variety of topics – ArcGIS, Strata for Research, Analysis with R, Tableau Public 8, Historical GIS, and much more.  To sign up for their workshops, see the full schedule at the Data and GIS Services website.  You can see their current newsletter and ongoing updates on the Data & GIS Services blog.

Randy Riddle

Author: Randy Riddle

Randy Riddle is a Senior Consultant in Duke Learning Innovation and consults with faculty in the Social Sciences on pedagogy, learning, student assessment, and integrating technology into teaching practices. His professional interests include active learning, “flipped” classroom methods, inclusive classroom strategies, and integration of e-learning tools, social networking, video and multimedia, and data visualization into the daily work of teaching.