Congratulations to the NSOE DEL Fellows

The Center for Instructional Technology would like to congratulate our most recent group of faculty in our Fellows program.  Members of the the Nicholas School of the Environment faculty teaching in the Duke Environmental Leadership Program completed the CIT’s Fellowship program during the 2012 calendar year to explore how the program could improve and build on best practices for distance teaching that have been established in DEL and to revise an online faculty handbook and teaching modules used by faculty.

DEL is an online master’s degree aimed at mid-career professionals.  Seven years ago, when the program was established, the CIT worked directly with NSOE faculty to develop DEL through the Fellows program.  This follow-up Fellowship allowed the faculty to rethink some of their teaching methods, technologies used in the program, and logistical approaches to teaching used in DEL.

Don Wells, a participant in the Fellows said, “The most interesting part was the interactions with my colleagues which doesn’t happen very often.  Many of the discussions were excellent and went well beyond the particular technology at issue.”

View other comments about the technology and teaching approaches that the DEL faculty explored on our web page about the Fellowship.


Randy Riddle

Author: Randy Riddle

Randy A. Riddle consults with faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences on integrating technology into teaching. He has been a CIT consultant since 2000. His professional interests include e-learning, social networking, online productivity tools, video and multimedia, and visualization. Randy’s current work includes management of the CIT’s Faculty Fellows program, consulting on Coursera course design and exploring areas such as e-textbook authoring. His other interests outside of work include restoration of vintage recording formats and broadcasting and film history. He volunteers for the Old Time Radio Researchers Group and maintains an ongoing blog on radio history research.