Image and Video Processing, Day One

This week marks the launch of Duke University’s sixth Coursera course, “Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital.” Led by Guillermo Sapiro, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, this nine week course aims to enable its participants to unlock the extraordinary potential of digital visualizations through science of image and video processing. As Professor Sapiro explains in his introductory video,

 “Images today more than ever are part of our lives, from the thousands of images we take with our cell phones to the beautiful images we get to see from Mars. And we shouldn’t forget that medical imaging is a very important component of modern medicine. In this class we’re going to learn the magic that makes all of this possible.”

Professor Sapiro opened the course site last week to allow students a brief preview, and over 3000 additional students enrolled during the preview week to a current total of over 22,000 students. On January 14, all Week 1 materials were published and the course officially began. Over 10,400 students (just under 50% of registrants) logged into the course site in the first day and more than 7200 watched videos. Over 1000 attempted a quiz in those first few hours of class (with still two weeks to the deadline) and more than 450 had already joined the discussion forums.  The most up ‘upvoted’ discussion thread was started by Professor Sapiro himself, where he thanks students for their enthusiasm for the course during its pre-launch week. Study groups are forming in Facebook, on Skype, by time zone, and in several languages including Italian, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Congratulations to our newest Duke faculty member on Coursera and his new students!

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