Seeking Duke faculty teaching distance ed courses with civic component

Rebecca L. Odom-Bartel, a PhD Candidate from The University of Alabama, is asking Duke University for help in her dissertation research on distance learning courses which have a civic education component.

She would like to connect with any Duke faculty member who currently  teaches or has taught in the last two semesters a distance learning course that has civic education components (e.g., service learning, experiential learning). The course does not have to be designated an official ethics, civics, or service learning course in the catalog; it only needs to have components of civic education within the curriculum.

If you are interested in volunteering for a 60 minute telephone interview during the spring semester that will be part of a qualitative research study entitled  Distance Education Faculty Reflections: A Look at Civic Responsibility and Community Engagement or would like to know more about the study , please contact her at or 205-523-4882. [This research project has been been reviewed by the Duke IRB office.]

Author: Lynne O Brien, Ph.D.

Lynne O’Brien is Director of Academic Technology and Instructional Services for Perkins Library at Duke University. She works with faculty, librarians, campus IT planners and academic technology groups around the country to develop programs to support the use of technology in teaching and research initiatives. Her interests include strategic planning for libraries and for academic technology, open access and open source educational materials and mobile learning.