Sakai: End-of-Semester Tips

Fall 2012 is winding down. For many instructors, this is the first semester using Sakai. This post will walk you through three tasks to help you wrap up the semester. 1) Review best practices for online testing before giving the final. 2) Follow the steps necessary to calculate course grades in Sakai. 3) Create a better Sakai site in 2013

Online testing

Students and faculty should both follow the golden rule of online testing: one browser, one window. It is easy to lose answers or grading if working in more than window. Timed tests will be compromised if Sakai is opened more than once. Students should be encouraged to save their work repeatedly while taking the exam. If a test submits automatically or the browser crashes, there will be no record of their answers unless they save. Read more tips here.

Final Grades

Are all of your Gradebook items categorized correctly? Want to know if an item is included in the course grade calculations or not? Wondering how to delete a column of grades? Would you like to skip manually entering final grades into STORM? This guide to course grade calculations will do the trick.

Explore new tools and course design in Sakai

Ready to explore other tools in Sakai? Start by looking at common tools used by different types of courses (small discussion format, large lectures with labs, etc.) Hoping there is an easier way to accomplish your pedagogical goals? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a CIT consultant or drop by a CIT office hour.