Meet some Coursera students studying Genetics & Evolution

Mohamed Noor and his course assistant, Justin Johnsen met some of the students in their Introduction to Genetics and Evolution Coursera course in a Google Hangout. Find out from students, in their own words, why they are taking a Coursera course and what they think of the course in the recorded video embedded below. Students from the USA, El Salvador, UK, Italy and India discussed their motivations for taking the course.  They commented that they really liked the discussion forums and the in-video quizzes, and often stopped the video many times while watching to make sure they understand. The students in this video Hangout make the point that this course is not simply recorded lectures, but is an interactive learning experience, and were curious about how their experience compares to a Duke course.

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Andrea Novicki

Author: Andrea Novicki

Andrea helps faculty use technology effectively and efficiently in their teaching. She works primarily with scientists, using her biology background, love of science and teaching experience. Her current enthusiasms include online science education, active learning (especially team-based learning) and assessment.