Another great article about MOOCs

The Guardian, the British national daily newspaper, asks:
Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university?

Carole Cadwalladr toured through a brief history of MOOCs, including Udacity, Khan Academy, Open University, iTunesU, Coursera and edX.
She jumped in as a student to Mohamed Noor’s Introduction to Genetics and Evolution Coursera course, joining about 36,000 other students, and described her “being-blown-away moment.” Cadwalladr interviewed students and course creators, and discussed the students’ various motivations for taking these online courses. Students’ enthusiasm about learning is enough to give you hope for the future of education. So far, 330 people have commented on the article. Join them!

For more information on Duke’s online courses, click here:

Andrea Novicki

Author: Andrea Novicki

Andrea helps faculty use technology effectively and efficiently in their teaching. She works primarily with scientists, using her biology background, love of science and teaching experience. Her current enthusiasms include online science education, active learning (especially team-based learning) and assessment.