CIT still accepting applications for Fall 2012 iPad course loans

CIT still has a number of first-generation iPads available to faculty members interested in using the devices with their students during the Fall 2012 semester.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, CIT is interested in partnering with Duke faculty members to investigate the following themes:

Using iPads to Engage Students In Class

CIT will loan iPads to faculty (and students enrolled in their class) who agree to integrate apps designed specifically for use inside the classroom into their curricula.  Examples of such applications include LectureTools and Nearpod.

e-Textbooks – Producing and Consuming

CIT will loan iPads to faculty who agree to use iBooks Author, or a similar program, to build an e-textbook to use with future classes, or to faculty (and students enrolled in their class) who agree to use e-textbooks to replace traditional course materials during the semester.

More information, and an application form, is available on CIT’s iPad Page.  Applications may be submitted for either the Fall 2012 semester,or  the Spring 2013 semester, at any time.

Faculty whose applications are accepted will be asked to participate in specific project planning and evaluation activities, and to share information about their experience using the iPads with CIT.

 Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video