Put video, audio, and images into Sakai with the Kaltura Media Gallery

Do you have students watch video clips, listen to audio files, or view images for your course? You can now do this in Sakai without requiring your students to download files or link out to other websites. The Kaltura Media Gallery is a tool that allows users to upload files which will be converted and then easily accessed in a media player within Sakai.

Using Kaltura simplifies the process of streaming videos or music for your students. It can also be a better option for copyright protected files since students can view the media, but cannot download the files to their own computer.  Always be sure to check and make sure any content you make available to your students adheres to appropriate copyright rules and regulations. More information on copyright is available through Duke Scholarly Communications.

Kaltura also allows a faculty member to set-up collections within their media library. Collections are like playlists of a subset of files for students to view or hear. Collections can be a way to organize and manage files. Faculty members can also set different permissions in collections to allow students to upload their own video, audio, or image files for just the instructor or other students to view. While most file types can be uploaded and viewed through the Kaltura Media Gallery, refer to this list of specific media files that will work.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to use Kaltura Media Gallery, access the¬†user guide. Be aware that Kaltura is considered a ‘beta’ tool in Sakai and will be undergoing additional changes to improve its functionality and use for the Duke community.