Piazza class Q&A tool demo, 1/9/2012

Piazza, a free online platform for class Q&A, will be demonstrated Monday 1/9/2012, noon – 1 pm in LSRC D106. All are invited, and lunch will be provided to those registering by Friday 1/6/2012.

Piazza has won wide adoption at Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Cornell, and dozens of other schools as a replacement or supplement for discussion forums and mailing lists. Unlike traditional discussion forums, it focuses students on a single, collaboratively edited answer and offers real-time updates.

Individual instructors can adopt Piazza on their own in only a few minutes. Questions and answers can be posed by students or instructors. Instructors collaborate on the instructor response, and students may collaborate on the student response, which the instructor can validate. Tags and labels, as well as a search field, help you find relevant questions and answers.

Instructors who’ve used Piazza at Duke report extremely high levels of student participation and engagement, and a savings of time managing class communication.

Piazza is free and has robust privacy controls for students that allow for varying degrees of anonymity within the closed circle of an established class. Instructors retain full editorial control and ownership of their class content.

You can learn more about Piazza, or read the founder’s story.

A Piazza team member will demonstrate the product, answer questions, and take your feedback noon – 1 pm, Monday 1/9/2012 in LSRC D106. Lunch will be provided for those pre-registered (click to register) by Friday 1/6/2012.