Sakai Tips and Tricks: Organize your Sakai menu using “divider”

Often I found myself stumbling to locate a specific item on the menu bar of my Sakai site. Especially since I have multiple Sakai sites and tools were often arranged differently in each menu bar.

UNC-CH posted a  Sakai trick to simplify your course menu which is wonderful.

I came across our own Dr. Kyle Covington‘s course sites and found the way he consistently organized his sites’ menu bars made it easier for me to glance through course content.

The screenshot below from one of Dr. Covington’s Fall 2011 courses shows what the menu looks like. You can see the menu items are divided into a few groups which make his course easy to navigate by instructors and students.

He and his team instructors and students can quickly jump into what they are looking for, esp. when there are many menu items.

How did he do it? Watch the short video also developed by UNC-CH to learn about adding dividers to your’s sites menu. Also you will learn how to change your course site view from Instructor to Student – and – you’ll use Page Order to reorganize the menu and hide items as appropriate.

Dr. Covington  also changed the menu item names to meet his needs. To do the same,

From Site Info > Page Order >  click on the Pencil/Page icon to rename the item. Once done don’t forget to click on the green check and the Save button.