Brainshark – A presentation tool in the cloud

Brainshark is a presentation tool that is well suited to creating movies based on Powerpoint presentations and using voice-overs you can provide at your computer or by phoning in with your cell phone, over the web. The cell phone recording option works better than you might expect and provides navigation and editing control as well. Brainshark can accept documents, photos and video clips for the creation of your movie presentation.

  • Users can upload Powerpoint presentations which are automatically converted to video. Brainshark also accepts documents, photos and video clips.
  • Brainshark maintains the animations and transitions of Powerpoint.
  • The video is easy to edit, organize and dub with voice annotation.
  • Your video can run on mobile devices and Apps are available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
  • Free and inexpensive options are available for you to try. If your video can be public then you can use the free version. The Pro and Pro Trainer versions have privacy controls which might make one of these options better suited to your class presentation needs.

If you do try out Brainshark, let us know how it goes.