CIT Fellows explore teaching research with writing

The Center for Instructional Technology would like to congratulate our new 2011-12 Teaching Research with Writing Fellows.  The CIT and the Thompson Writing Program are jointly offering this year-long Fellowship opportunity to provide support for faculty interested in developing and evaluating new approaches to teaching research with writing to undergraduates in their discipline.  Updates about their work in rethinking their courses and designing activities that integrate research and writing will be published on the CIT blog as the year progresses.

CIT-TWP Research with Writing Fellows

The Fellowship is being coordinated by Jennifer Ahern-Dodson for the Thompson Writing Program and consultants Randy Riddle and Seth Anderson are supporting the Fellowship on behalf of the CIT.  Fellows participating in the program are:

  • Leslie Babinski, Child and Family Policy
  • Nick Carnes, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Corinna Kahnke, Germanic Languages
  • Craig Roberts, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Karin Shapiro, History Department
  • Melissa Simmermeyer, Romance Studies

The CIT’s Fellows program supports groups of faculty to implement curricular change, integrating instructional technologies into the curriculum to improve teaching and learning.  If you would like to find out more or have an idea for a Fellows program that might benefit your department or program, see the CIT’s Fellowships page at our website.