Chemistry without a textbook or lectures

Dr. Stephen Craig is teaching Honors Chemistry (Chem 43) using team-based learning instead of lectures and online resources instead of a textbook.

Team-based learning (TBL) is a specific type of collaborative learning using a sequence of individual work, group
work, immediate feedback and peer evaluation. At Duke, some faculty at the  Duke Institute of Brain Sciences have used TBL very successfully,  as described previously.  Want to know more about TBL?  Read a brief description of team-based learning (PDF) or watch a 12 minute video.

Dr. Craig and his colleagues created units based on learning objectives, supported by online resources.  They’ve collected videos from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, text from UC Davis’ chem wiki, and a variety of other sources.  They have also made brief videos themselves. See a sample unit from Dr. Craig’s course, in Duke’s Sakai.

Here’s a video explaining the project:

To learn more and hear from Dr. Craig or the students themselves, see the descriptions in Duke Today and the Duke Chronicle.