A comparison of annotation and note-taking apps

Annotation tools on the iPad are useful for grading, taking notes, and reviewing articles. New apps are always being released and can vary in their features and usability. For a brief comparison of popular annotation and note-taking apps, read “Finding the Best iOS App for Annotation and Note-Taking” by Ian MacInnes posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog ProfHacker. The article is a great overview of how these apps stack up against one another.


Image “ReviewGraphic” by Flickr user jbj / Creative Commons licensed

1 thought on “A comparison of annotation and note-taking apps

  1. Justin

    This list is very comprehensive. I would be curious to hear your thoughts about Notability which stands on a framework of audio recordings linked to notes. This feature combines seamlessly with full-featured handwriting, advance word-processing, PDF annotation, and auto sync to the cloud. Currently, Notability is in several University iPad pilot programs who we interface with on a regular basis.

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