Saylor Foundation offers faculty funding for open access textbooks

The Saylor Foundation, through its Open Textbook Challenge, is offering $20,000 to college textbook authors willing to allow free use of their publications by students and educators. The deadline for the first wave of funding is Nov. 1, 2011.

The challenge aims to license open texts for over 200 courses used in twelve of the most popular college majors enrolled in by U.S. students.

Open access textbooks and educational materials benefit higher education in a number of ways. The most immediate impact is on students and their families in the form of reduced college costs.  Instructors who use open access materials have the option of selecting and mixing the best components from different sources and matching them to their educational goals and course organization, rather than being confined by the structure of a particular textbook. Because the materials are open and modifiable, authors can keep them up to date and other individuals can contribute new content.

Details of the Saylor Open Textbook Challenge are here

For more information about creating and using open textbooks, see:

If you are interested in finding, using or creating open access educational materials, contact the Center for Instructional Technology ( to discuss your ideas with a consultant.