Duke School of Nursing wins 2011 Campus Technology Innovators Awards

For the second time, the Innovative Nursing Education Technologies (iNet) team with the Duke School of Nursing won the Campus Technology’s Innovators Awards. Out of a total of 393 entries, 10 rose to the top, the Duke School of Nursing was one of the 10 winners, and among three winning schools that made repeat appearances.

The Duke School of Nursing’s winning entry for 2011 was Immersive Virtual Poster Sessions in the category of Education Futurists.

In August 2010, the iNet team hosted an immersive 3D poster session. All presenters and attendees were represented by avatars. “People made their presentations with laser pointers, with visuals on screens behind their avatars.”  To learn more, see the full coverage of all winners including Duke School of Nursing’s.

The School’s last year’s wining entry was a Twitter soap opera in the category of Teaching and Learning. The Twitter soap opera teaches nurses about patient care, privacy, quality, and safety from the eyes of a medical simulation mannequin.