See into the future: read the 2011 Horizon Report

The 2011 Horizon Report identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry.

The report identified key trends that will affect teaching and learning:

The abundance of resources and relationships made easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators in sense-making, coaching, and credentialing.

People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want.

The world of work is increasingly collaborative, giving rise to reflection about the way student projects are structured.

The technologies we use are increasingly cloud-based, and our notions of IT support are decentralized.

Six technologies expected to be used widely in the near future:

within the next year: electronic books and mobiles
within two to three years:  augmented reality and game-based learning
within four to five years: gesture-based computing and learning analytics

For more on each of these and examples of current and future use, see the 2011 Horizon Report (PDF).

Our research indicates that all six of these technologies, taken together, will have a
significant impact on learning-focused organizations within the next five years.

Johnson, L., Smith, R., Willis, H., Levine, A., and Haywood, K., (2011). The 2011 Horizon Report.
Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.