Teaching Handwriting with the iPad

JoAnne Van Tuyl, Associate Professor of the Practice, Slavic and Eurasian Studies 

Project description:

In Fall 2010, JoAnne Van Tuyl is having her Russian language students practice writing in cursive with an iPad borrowed from the Duke Digital Initiative. Van Tuyl is interested in how the iPad can help teach handwriting skills and provide an opportunity to practice writing in a low-stakes environment.

During the semester, Van Tuyl will borrow iPads from the CIT for 1-2 class sessions. Students will use an iPad and stylus to practice forming Cyrillic letters in cursive with an iPad app like Doodle Buddy or Adobe Ideas. Van Tuyl will also demonstrate how to make letters properly by using the zooming feature on the iPad to show details of letter formation.

In addition, Van Tuyl is experimenting with other apps, assignments, and uses for the iPad. She will be trying iPad gradebook and attendance apps, and evaluating Russian e-books. If possible, students may also submit short in-class cursive writing assignments with the iPad.

Start date: September 2010
Funding awarded: iPad loaners