Spring teaching and technology courses for graduate students

CIT and the Graduate School are offering two semester-long courses on teaching and technology this spring term. The courses are for graduate students who currently have (or will have) teaching responsibilities or are planning on a faculty career. Graduate students from all departments are welcome to take either course; there are no prerequisites.

GS 301 College Teaching & Visual Communicationgs301
Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:45
This course includes introductions to web design, graphic design, effective presentations, development of an electronic teaching portfolio and exploration of other instructional technology for college teaching.

GS 305 The College Teaching Practicum
Mondays 3:05 to 5:15
In this course, grad students give a number of video recorded teaching demonstrations and get detailed feedback on their teaching. We also examine practical concerns for teaching, including classroom management, using groups in class, facilitating discussion, active learning, and visual aids.

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For permission numbers to register for either course:
Dr Hugh Crumley
Instructional Technology Specialist
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education