iPads as a tool for media comparison

Satendra Khanna, Associate Professor of the Practice, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Project description:

Satendra (Satti) Khanna is teaching a small Hindi course in Fall 2010 that is using a contemporary Hindi version of the Mahabharata epic as the principal course text. Khanna is interested in students comparing three versions of the epic: the literary text and two video versions. In class the students will compare (on adjacent iPads borrowed from the Duke Digital Initiative) the rendering of the same episode in the British and the indigenous Indian version and discuss the implications of differences in representation. Khanna feels the iPad would be especially useful for laying parallel scenes side by side. He wrote “The physical character of a viewing screen flush with the table allows for sharing and comparison of video by adjacent students but it may also allow for other shared exploration, historical maps of the terrain of North India in the time of the Kauravs, for example, (with scroll and enlarge capability) laid adjacent to contemporary political maps.”

Start date: September 2010
Funding awarded: iPad loaners