iEdit: Using the iPad for Editing and Annotating Papers

Deb Reisinger, Lecturer, French, and Assistant Director of the French Language Program, Romance Studies

Project description:

In Fall 2010, Deb Reisinger will be using an iPad and stylus borrowed from the Duke Digital Initiative as a tool for editing and annotating students papers along with the iAnnotate iPad app. Reisinger will be grading 144 papers over the semester in her French 101 course and will be able to see how using the iPad affects her management and grading of student papers.

Students turn-in their papers by emailing a PDF to Reisinger who opens the papers through her email on the iPad or saves them to Dropbox, an online file service where she can store, sync, and, share files. Once she has annotated the papers, she can either email the annotated document to herself and the student or upload the document to her Dropbox account. Students are also using CIT iPads during one or two class periods to experiment with editing, reviewing, and analyzing peer papers and literary passages.


French 101 students using iPads to edit class papers


Start date: September 2010

Funding awarded: iPad loaners