Blackboard tip: Uploading files

You’ve  been distributing files to your students for the entire semester via Blackboard, and there’s just one that does not seem to be working correctly.  Either it won’t upload, or your students cannot download it.  What is going on?

Check the name of the file.  Here are some suggestions for naming your file for Blackboard:

  • Do not use special characters in file names, including: ~` # $ % ^& * ( ) = + / ? > < ;'[ ]: ” { } \ | @ –
  • Do not include a period in the name other than the file extension.
  • Avoid using spaces in file names because different operating systems handle spaces in different ways. Instead, use an underscore ( _ ) in place of spaces.

Check the file size. Currently (Fall 2010), Blackboard course sites have a file size limit of 100 Mb. Larger files will not be uploaded to Blackboard. (Note: 100 Mb is about 100,000 Kb or about 100,000,000 bytes or less than 0.1 Gb.)  Organization sites have a limit of 25 Mb.