Learning History with the iPad

Youshaa Petel, Graduate Student, Religion Department

Project description:

patel1In Fall 2010, Youshaa Patel, Graduate Student in the Religion Department, and his undergraduate students, used the iPad in his course Muhammad and Prophecy.  The goal was to explore how the device can be integrated into dynamic classroom presentations that use multimedia.  As the course explores the life of Muhammad and the history of seventh century Arabia, Patel and his students used the iPad to work with art, sounds and images to enhance understanding of concepts in the course.

In addition to web browsing and searching during class sessions, the students used the iPad to read course documents and articles and used different pdf reader apps to take notes and annotate readings for the course.  They also used a free app that combined audio, video and text to teach ritual practice relevant to the course materials.

Start date: September 2010
Funding awarded: iPad loaners