EReading Pilot Project

Denise Comer; Assistant Professor of the Practice in Writing and Director, First Year Writing Program; Thompson Writing Program

Project description:

During Fall 2010, Denise Comer, Thompson Writing Program, worked in collaboration with Kenneth Rogerson, Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sanford School of Public Policy; and Rebecca Vidra, Lecturer, Nicholas School of the Environment, to explore the pedagogical potential of integrating an ereading technology, the iPad, into writing intensive Duke undergraduate courses.

The faculty used the iPad into three W-designated courses in Spring 2011:  Writing 20.01, (Academic Writing) Money Matters: The Art of Grant Writing, Professor Comer; Public Policy 120S: News Writing and Reporting, Prof. Ken Rogerson; and Environmental Science 105S:  Ethical Challenges in Environmental Conservation, Prof. Rebecca Vidra.

Comer and her colleagues looked at reading practices with ereader technology – how it impacts in-class seminar conversation, the uses and limits of ereading technology in a scholarly context, and how it impacts the writing process.  In June, 2010, the faculty contributed three posts to the CIT blog summarizing their thoughts about using the iPad in their courses:

Start date: September 2010
Funds awarded: iPad loaners