iPads for your Fall course

ipad_imageThe Duke Digital Initiative is providing a loaner pool of Apple iPads (some wifi, some with 3G capability) for exploration in undergraduate courses this year. Several faculty have already taken advantage of this program this fall, but there are still a small number of devices available. We encourage faculty to request a device(s) if they have ideas for how they would like to use iPads themselves, or with groups of students, to enhance their fall classes.

Some of the existing uses of DDI iPads this fall:

  • Satti Khanna (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) is using iPads to have students view and compare videos in class.
  • Youshaa Patel (Religion, Graduate Student) is using iPads with his students to display videos and other media resources in class.
  • Jessica Otey (Romance Studies) is using an app on an iPad to display shared comments on written materials, which are entered by students prior to class.
  • Richard Lucic (Computer Science) is planning to use the 3G iPads in an iPad app development course next Spring; he is doing course design this fall and supporting an independent study student.
  • Brenda Scott and Wayne Lail (Music) are partnering with Music Librarian Laura Williams to investigate various uses of iPads for Music instruction.
  • Deb Reisinger (Romance Studies) is using the iPad for grading and course management.
  • JoAnne Van Tuyl (Slavic and Eurasian Studies) will use iPads to help students improve their Russian writing skills.

Do you have ideas you would like to try out in your course with a semester-long iPad loan? Complete the brief DDI application form and we’ll get back to you soon. Not sure what would work, but want to test some things and see? Contact CIT for a consultation, or request a one-week exploratory iPad loan from CIT first.

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  1. Trudi Abel

    I’ll be teaching a course through ISIS in the spring (with a tech and history focus) and would love to talk about the applicability of the iPad to the community mapping project.
    Will you put me on the list of people who would like a consult?

    Trudi Abel

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