Where are we with distance learning and where are we going?

Dr. Helen R. Connors, Associate Dean, Integrated Technologies and Executive Director of the University of Kansas Center for Health Informatics will discuss:

  • the fundamental building blocks for a successful e-learning program
  • growth in online learning and a vision for the future
  • educational technologies that create higher order learning

Dr. Connors is a recognized leader in educational innovations.  She will discuss “E-learning: Theory and Practice” on Tuesday, July 13th at 10:30 am.  This presentation will focus on eLearning theory and eMerging technologies that promote best practices for teaching and learning online.

Everyone is welcome, please register to attend.  This event is in conjunction with a Duke University School of Nursing faculty fellowship sponsored by the Center for Instructional Technology.

Selected Publications:

Billings, D.M., Skeba, D.J., Connors, H.R., (2005).  Best Practices in Web-base Courses: Generational differences across Undergraduate and Graduate nursing student. Journal of Professional Nursing 21 (2), 126-133

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Andrea Novicki

Author: Andrea Novicki

Andrea helps faculty teach effectively and efficiently. She works primarily with scientists, using her biology background, love of science and teaching experience. Her current enthusiasms include active learning, group learning (especially team-based learning) and assessment.