Duke Virtual Campus tour

GELillyDuke students created a virtual Duke for their ISIS undergraduate certificate. Students consulted with Duke Admissions, ONC, and Facilities, to create a useful, rich virtual Duke in Google Earth, incorporating new and existing media.You can see their work in a video tour, available on their website. Virtual Duke buildings in 3 dimensions were created with Google SketchUp and Photoshop. The 3D models have been submitted to be incorporated into Google Earth, but you can see them in the video or download them. On the tour page, watch a video the students created to showcase areas of Duke especially relevant to students, touring the virtual buildings they created, with a soundtrack composed by Duke student musicians. Or, if you’d like to explore further, download the files they’ve created and explore their virtual buildings and annotated spaces in Google Earth on your own computer.

This project was supervised by Victoria Szabo. Learn more about it in video and slides from her presentation at the 2010 CIT showcase.

This project built on previous work by ISIS students, presented at CIT’s Showcase in 2007.