CIT May Workshop Series

thinking_spaces4.2The Center for Instructional Technology and Perkins Library are pleased to offer a week-long series of instructional technology and pedagogy workshops May 12-18, 2010.  Our sessions are designed to give  faculty members and graduate student instructors concrete, ready to implement ideas for using instructional technology and for fostering a dynamic, flexible learning environment in and beyond the classroom. Sessions will include digital video, Web 2.0 tools for teaching & learning, library resources from “Beyond the Stacks” as well as classroom teaching strategies. More information and registration here.

2 thoughts on “CIT May Workshop Series

  1. Penelope Ferry-Leeper

    I am a staff member and not an instructor. I would be very interested to know what the offerings will be for the Technology Buffet. That information was not accessible from the web site.

  2. Amy Hendrix

    Hi Penelope,

    The Technology buffet sessions this May are as follows:

    * Wednesday 5/12/10: Poll Everywhere, YouTube, Flickr
    * Thursday 5/13/10: online bookmarking, Facebook, Poll Everywhere
    * Friday 5/14/10: Evernote, Flickr, RSS
    * Monday 5/17/10: Q & A with Adam Persky, guest presenter from UNC
    * Tuesday 5/18/10 Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

    Complete details, descriptions, and registration links are here:

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