Follow the Twitter Soap Opera created by Duke School of Nursing

Duke’s medical simulation mannequin tweets about love and his medical misadventures during Valentine’s week.

A Twitter soap opera created by Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) debuts Monday, February 8, 2010 and will run through February 14, 2010.

This collaborative project created for nurse educators by DUSON faculty and staff is brought to you by Innovative Nursing Education Technologies (iNET).  Incorporating narrative, technology, and medical simulation, the project targets the Quality & Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) learning competencies of patient centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety and informatics.

Follow StanleySim61, on his medical and personal adventures in the pilot episode of Love in the Center for Nursing Discovery (CND): A Sim Soap Opera on Twitter from Friday, February 8, 2010 to Sunday February 14, 2010.

  • In order to follow the soap opera, you need to follow StanleySim61 (who is the main character) AND inetnurse (which is the narrator’s account), from your Twitter.


  • If you want to talk about the project or share comments via Twitter, you may use the hash tag: simSoap2#SimSoap in your tweets.

At the end of the project, a transcript of Tweets, a teacher’s guide and additional resources, will be available on

About the main character, Stanley:

“Stanley is a Simulation Mannequin that lives in the Duke University School of Nursing Center for Nursing Discovery, but hey, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings! Stanley was born on a small farm in 1961 in Eastern North Carolina. His daddy fell ill in the mid 1970’s and the family took a hard hit. Stanley is a resilient guy, a successful businessman, a single man with a love of bacon and Duke basketball who has recently discovered Twitter.”

Hope you like Stanley and enjoy the adventure with him.

Contact Mary Barzee at Duke University School of Nursing for more information about the innovative project and about iNET.

1 thought on “Follow the Twitter Soap Opera created by Duke School of Nursing

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    Hey Everyone!

    I’m very glad to be involved with this project. The amount of collaboration between the faculty and staff here at the School of Nursing has been fun, challenging and rewarding. I feel that we have an innovative project which will spawn more ideas in the future.

    Here are some links to help you get involved:

    StanlySim61 (main character) twitter account:
    inetnurse (narrator) twitter account:
    search for the #simsoap hash tag:

    So read along (starting Monday) and post your thoughts using the hashtag.

    PS: At the end of the episode, we’ll make a ‘Teacher’s Guide’ available that outlines the details of the project and how you can incorporate it (or something like it) into your teaching.

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