Creating problem-solving video with a Pulse Smartpen

Kate Scholberg, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Associate Professor of Physics

Project Description:

Dr. Scholberg  provided videos of problem-solving in action for her Physics students, so that students can see her writing while they hear her voice describing how she solves a problem. She finds that the students often request more solved examples, and there is rarely enough time in class to do very many. She created videos using a tablet PC and Jing software, and this project will allow her to try a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to create videos. She posted links to the examples on Blackboard for students to view, as supplements to lecture material.

She presented the results of her explorations at the 2010 CIT Showcase, where she created 9 videos using the tablet PC and Jing and 10 using the LiveScribe Smartpen.  She says:

Before trying the Smartpen I tried making some video examples using Jing on a tablet PC borrowed from CIT. These were OK, but were quite tedious to make, and needed to be broken into 5 minute segments. In contrast, the Smartpen is extremely simple and convenient to use. It is also very portable. The video quality is pretty good, and allows students to click on a written overview of the problem to start the audio/video anywhere.

Students who viewed the videos said they were helpful in the end-of-class survey.

Project start date: 1/21/2010
Funding awarded: $250