Bb Tip: Give student groups private spaces to work in Blackboard

Blackboard’s Groups feature allows instructors to provide a group of students with their own set of communication tools that only the group members can access.  A group of students collaborating on a class project can use their group’s own e-mail list, discussion board, chat and file exchange tools to communicate and share files.

For example, use the groups discussion board to create private group forums that group members can use to discuss and work on projects. Delegate a student from each group to post the digest to a ‘main’ course forum to share with everyone in the class.

Setting up groups is also helpful if instructors plan to use the Blackboard’s  blog or wiki for group projects. Blackboard’s wiki allows groups to work collaboratively on their own web-based projects and provide comments and edits along the way (see Collaborate on projects with the wiki)

UNC provides online help for setting up a group, adding users to a group, and accessing a group.

Want other suggestions for using Blackboard? Contact CIT at, or visit our Blackboard help site. Alternatively, request an office visit and we will come to you.