Google Books add embedding feature

Have you wanted to give your students easy access to a public domain book or to an excerpt of a copyrighted book available for preview at Google?

Google Books has added some enhanced features, such as improved browsing and searching and the ability to view scanned or plain text pages.  As part of the updated, they’ve added an embedding feature that lets you put a book in your web page or blog, similar to the way you can embed a movie from YouTube.

To embed a book, look for the “Link” button in the upper right corner of the page when you are browsing it at Google.  Just copy the “Embed” link and paste the HTML code into your own blog or web page.

If the book appears too large or small, try changing the numbers for “width” and “height” in the code. In many books, the table of contents in the text is hot-linked to easily browse through a book.

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