Time to experiment with new tools?

It’s summer – maybe you have some time to investigate “Cool Tools”, useful software or online sites for teaching.  This list was compiled by Joel Galbraith, an Instructional Analyst from School of Government, UNC, and presented at a recent Tri-IT meeting held at Elon University. Find something that will work for your course this fall!

  • Prezi (presentation tool)  Sound familiar?  Shawn has described Prezi and used it during the CIT Showcase.
  • EtherPad (pictured – realtime collaborative text editing)
  • Mixed Ink (collaborate with the world for writing)
  • TimZon (team zone) (asynchronous video discussions)
  • VoiceThread (asynchronous conversation tool) Here’s an example of using VoiceThread in teaching.
  • TinEye (reverse image lookup)
  • Dimdim (free web conferencing)
  • Poll Everywhere (SMS Polls and Voting)
  • BrainFlips (Smart Flashcards)

Call us if you’d like some ideas for how to use any of these for teaching your course.

Andrea Novicki

Author: Andrea Novicki

Andrea helps faculty teach effectively and efficiently. She works primarily with scientists, using her biology background, love of science and teaching experience. Her current enthusiasms include active learning, group learning (especially team-based learning) and assessment.