The Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning

While faculty have a myriad of technology based tools that can be applied to teaching and use many of these tools everyday, it can be difficult to think about how pedagogy may be changing in response to those tools or changes in academia.

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus Blog recently featured a post about the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning, an attempt by the Learning Technologies Centre at the University of Manitoba to spark debate and discussion about technology and pedagogy.

The staff at the Centre sees a new pedagogical model emerging, with students developing new ways of approaching problems with the vast array of information available on the Web and the new opportunities for distilling and collating data with technology tools.

The Guide itself is a model of this new way of collaborating and learning – the Handbook is set up as a wiki so that faculty can add their own changes and engage in dialogue at the site.

You can view the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning at: