Online education seminar: Award-winning tools, tips and technology for online instruction

In collaboration with the School of Nursing, Pratt School of Engineering and Nicholas School of the Environment, CIT is offering Duke faculty access to an online seminar from STARLINK focused on successful online teaching strategies and demos that award-winning instructors have found to work well. The 60-minute long seminar will be available for two weeks, February 9 – February 23, 2009, 24/7 via the Internet at

Examples of strategies to be presented include:

  • Ideas for going outside the restrictions of CMS
  • Tools for student-centered instruction
  • Ideas for linking classes worldwide
  • Creating content that is not just content driven
  • Social networking/community building mechanisms
  • Rubrics for good student assignments

To obtain the seminar access login, email

Can’t make it to the seminar between February 9-23? Don’t worry! You can check out a DVD copy of the seminar from CIT after February 23 – just email us.